Your Health Toolkit

When it comes to your health—or the health of people you love—there is so much information to remember, so many decisions to be made. The Good Medicine: Electronic Health Records
Peter Lund, MD discusses how patients can benefit from health information technology and electronic health records.

  • » For Better Health: A County-by-County Health Comparison
    How does your county stack up when it comes to health?
  • » Get Your Docs Straight
    “Doctor” can mean a lot of things. That’s why the Pennsylvania Medical Society encourages you to pay attention to who is taking care of you.
  • » From Fire to ICE
    Do you have ICE in your cell phone? This is an “in case of emergency” number that medical professionals can call if a patient is unconscious or unable to answer questions.
  • » Your Child’s Caregivers Can Give Medical Authorization with Consent Card
    Caregivers, such as grandparents, can use this medical consent form to authorize emergency care when a child’s parents are unavailable.
  • » Online Resources Help Patients Choose a Hospital
    There are several resources available for vital hospital quality data.
  • » How to Talk With Your Physician
    We’ve all been confused at some point when our physician gives us directions about medications or explains a medical problem. Learn how to improve communication.
  • » Getting the Most from Your Doctor Visit
    Preparing for a visit with your doctor will help make it a productive appointment.
  • » Five Steps: A Guide to Help Plan Your End-of-Life and Future Health Care
    Plan ahead for end-of-life and other future health care with an advance health care directive.
  • » Medical History Wallet Card May Be Worth More Than Money in an Emergency
    Of all the items in your wallet, the most valuable could be a simple piece of paper that lists your prescriptions and medical history.
  • » A Patient’s Guide to Medical Records Copying Fees
    Medical records copying fees ensure records are available to patients at an affordable level, while providing some reimbursement to medical practices for copying costs.
  • » Pennsylvania Medical Society Helps Patients Chart Their Course In Exam Room
    The State Society offers patients resources that will help them more fully participate in their health care.
  • » Sunscreen Flyer (PDF)
    This guide can help you choose the right sunscreen to protect your skin. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)