Take Some of the Sting Out of Paying for Prescriptions

If you don’t have prescription coverage, it can be difficult to pay for the medications that you and your family need.

We’ve rounded up some resources to help ease the pinch of paying out-of-pocket for prescription drugs.

PA Drug Card 

The Pennsylvania Drug Card program offers up to a 75 percent discount on prescriptions at several major pharmacies, including Target, CVS, and Giant.

The program is open to all state residents—no restrictions, no income limits. You can use the card if you have no insurance, insurance without prescription coverage, or are taking a drug that is not covered by your insurance plan.

The program covers all drugs and has no fees. It even covers some pet medications.

A free card can be downloaded on the program’s website. You also can find out which pharmacies accept the card and compare prices at different pharmacies.

PA Rx Price Finder

Pennsylvania Rx Price Finder helps you price shop for prescriptions at pharmacies in your area. Prices, which are updated weekly, can vary widely.

A 60-dose supply of the generic heartburn medication omeprazole costs just $30 at one Allentown pharmacy but $100 to $150 at others in the area. You can pay $150 for Advair, a common asthma drug, at one Harrisburg-area pharmacy and more than $200 at a pharmacy across town.

Just enter your location, search radius, and the name and dosage of the prescription drug to get a list of pharmacies that carry the drug and what they charge for it. You can enter just the first letter if you aren’t sure how to spell the name of the prescription.

The site also offers links to a tool to find online pharmacies and to sites with prescription drug information.

For more information on other state aid resources, visit www.heretohelp.pa.gov.


Medtipster also allows you to price shop for prescriptions. Just enter the name of the medication, the dosage, and your ZIP code.

If the drug is available in generic form through a pharmacy discount program, the search will return a list of pharmacies and prices. Prices will not be listed for name brand drugs without a generic alternative, but you can search for similar drugs that may have a generic alternative.

The website, which is run by pharmacists, also gives information on immunizations, health screenings, and clinics.