Antibiotic Resistance

Learn more about appropriate use of antibiotics and the dangers of antibiotic resistance.

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Antibiotics have changed the way diseases are treated and saved countless lives—but we must use them more wisely.

  • » Fluid in the Middle Ear: A Guide for Parents
    This Q&A; explains the main kinds of ear infections found in children and when it’s necessary to use antibiotics.
  • » Runny Nose: A Guide for Parents
    Some facts about colds and runny noses and why antibiotics might not be the best medicine.
  • » Children’s Earaches: Medicate? Or Watch and Wait?
    If your child has an earache, antibiotics may not be the cure you want.
  • » Is it Viral or Bacterial?
    Find out the difference between these two types of infections and make better decisions about using antibiotics.
  • » Your Child and Antibiotics
    This brochure explains how unnecessary antibiotics can be harmful.
  • » Antibiotic Resistance: Outside Resources
    Links to other websites offering credible information on antibiotic resistance, immunization recommendations, and more.