Organ Donation Is the Ultimate Gift

For more than 6,500 people in our state and 98,000 nationwide, receiving a donated organ can be a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, many will not receive the organ or organs they need because there are just not enough donors.

A recent Patient Poll by the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Institute for Good Medicine showed that nearly 43 percent of Pennsylvanians surveyed had not considered being an organ donor and that another 20 percent had considered it, but hadn’t done anything about it—yet.

As an organ donor, you could:

  • Free two people from the dialysis treatments needed to sustain life.
  • Save the lives of patients awaiting heart, liver, lung or pancreas transplants.
  • Give sight to two people through the donation of corneas.
  • Help repair injured joints or help save an arm or leg threatened by cancer or other illness.
  • Help burn victims heal more quickly and help someone whose life is threatened by malfunctioning or diseased valves.
  • Give more than 50 people a second chance.

If you are already an organ donor, thank you. If not, consider making a huge difference in the lives of many people by becoming one. Visit for answers to your questions and to register online.