You Can Reverse or Manage Diabetes—A Patient Story

“I felt that he should first begin making some lifestyle changes, particularly diet and exercise, to see if he could manage his diabetes without medication. We scheduled a follow-up appointment, but he didn’t come back. When we called to find out why he hadn’t come back, he explained that the lifestyle changes he’d decided to make were keeping his blood sugar under control,” says Harrisburg-area endocrinologist Wilfred Victorina, MD, FACE, of a middle-aged male patient.

“There are so many people walking around with diabetes who don’t know it. If you are at risk, please talk to your doctor about the A1C screening test, which looks at your blood sugar control over the past two to three months. The earlier you are diagnosed, the easier diabetes is to treat and sometimes reverse.”


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    Approximately 762,000 Pennsylvania adults have been diagnosed with diabetes and the number keeps climbing. Member physician Wilfred Victorina, MD, FACE, discusses the influence of lifestyle.