Health Assessments

The six assessments offered below allow you to play a more active role in your well being by providing insight into the status of your health.

The tests are simple and quick to take. They collect information about you and help you determine your risk for a variety of health problems. After completing each assessment, you will receive a detailed and personalized report that includes suggestions to improve your health.

Remember to discuss your findings with your doctor, since these assessments are only meant to serve as indications of the potential need for your medical care. To search for a doctor near you, use our Find-A-Physician tool.

Cardiac Risk Assessment
Help determine your risk for heart disease and stroke by answering a few simple questions about your medical history and personal eating and exercise habits.

Diabetes Risk Assessment
One in three people who have diabetes don’t know it. This test explores your health and lifestyle habits to help determine if you are at risk.

Fitness Assessment
Find out how fit you are by entering your body measurements, and completing four quick physical stress exercises including stepping, sit-ups, push-ups, and trunk flexibility.

Health Risk Assessment
Determine what health risks you might be facing based on specific habits and current fitness. The assessment also offers suggestions to live healthier.

General Health Assessment
Learn about the general status of your physical health and how it is affected by the lifestyle and health choices you make daily.

General Well Being Assessment
Gain insight on your mental well being. This assessment helps you determine how stress, depression, and other emotionally disruptive or upsetting conditions are affecting you.