Simple Steps

The Pennsylvania Medical Society and several leading health organizations offer you our best advice to help you lead a healthy life, starting now.

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  • » Helping Young Adults Live Long, Healthy Lives
    If you’re one of the nearly 1 million 18 to 24-year-olds living in Pennsylvania, now is a great time to start healthy habits and kick bad ones to the curb.
  • » Take a Shot and Butt Out
    The American Lung Association says get a flu shot and quit smoking.
  • » Be Smart and Be Legal
    Don’t drink if you’re not 21, and stay away from drugs, recommends DrugFree Pennsylvania.
  • » Tune In and Chill Out
    Steer clear of distractions when you’re driving and eliminate energy drinks, the Pennsylvania Medical Society advises.
  • » Lighten Up and Live Strong
    The American Cancer Society offers five tips for leading a healthy life.
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