Seasonal Health

Each season presents new health challenges—whether it’s winter’s cold, summer’s heat, or fall and spring allergies. The resources below will help you stay healthy throughout the year.

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    Pennsylvania ranks among the highest in the nation for number of Lyme disease cases.
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    A wilderness medicine expert offers four tips to stay safe outdoors.
  • » Carbon Monoxide Poisoning a Year-Round Risk
    We tend to think more about the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in the winter, but the deadly gas also can come from charcoal grills, power washers, and boats.
  • » Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Risk for Burns
    Seasonal hazards like burns from fires and fireworks can spoil the fun-filled summer months. Find out how you and your family can stay safe.
  • » Little Known Facts: How Temperature Affects Health
    Extreme temperatures—whether high or low—can have profound health effects.
  • » Is It Just the Winter Blues or Something More?
    Some ups and downs are normal, but unchanging moods or exaggerated mood fluctuations may indicate a seasonal affective disorder.
  • » Avoiding Winter’s Bite
    Get key tips on how to avoid frostbite.
  • » Flu Protection
    Learn about the advantages of the flu shot and other tips for protecting yourself against this illness.
  • » Sunscreen Flyer (PDF)
    This guide can help you choose the right sunscreen to protect your skin. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • » Sun Safety Tips
    Safety tips to help protect your skin in the sun.
  • » Myth: Sunscreen Is All You Need To Prevent Skin Cancer
    UV rays damage the skin 365 days a year, reflecting off snow and passing through car windows.
  • » Winter Asthma Plan Is Important
    A lot of time indoors in the winter poses challenges to asthmatics.
  • » PAMED Offers Summertime Guidance for Asthma Sufferers
    The Pennsylvania Medical Society offers state-specific online resources to help asthma patients cope with the commonwealth’s allergen-rich environment.
  • » Runny Nose: A Guide for Parents
    Some facts about colds and runny noses and why antibiotics might not be the best medicine.
  • » Beat the Heat
    The hot, hazy, sometimes unbearable heat that arrives in Pennsylvania every summer brings with it the potential for heat stroke.