Pennsylvania Medical Society Helps Patients Chart Their Course In Exam Room

Though silence is often regarded as golden, the Pennsylvania Medical Society says it has no place in a positive, supportive patient-doctor relationship. That’s why the Medical Society is helping patients chart the course of their doctor visits by encouraging them to take more active roles during medical exams.

To assist this effort, the Medical Society designed the Help Us Help You sheets for patients to take with them to their medical exams. Each sheet contains printed guidelines to assist patients in reporting their symptoms and asking questions about their medications, tests, and results. Helping patients through the consultation process should lead to more productive medical exams and outcomes.

The Medical Society has also produced medical history wallet cards for patients to record prescription drugs, surgeries, allergies, and other medical conditions for review with their doctors. The wallet cards also assist physicians seeing a patient for the first time to get quickly acquainted with a person’s medical history.

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Help Us Help You Card (PDF)

» Medical History Card (PDF)