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Want to know your ideal body weight? Wondering how many calories you are burning each day through ordinary activities? Heard about the body mass index (BMI) but don’t know how to calculate yours? The 15 calculators below answer these questions and more.

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Blood Alcohol Estimation
Estimate the effect alcohol based on your weight and sex.

Body Fat Estimator (U.S. Navy)
See if the fat you are carrying is in the health range according to the U.S. Navy formula.

Body Fat Estimator (YMCA)
Another formula, this time by the YMCA, to estimate your body fat.

Body Mass Index
The BMI is a widely respected standard to tell if you are overweight.

Calories Burned
Calculate the number of calories you burn doing your favorite activities.

Daily Energy Expenditure
Shows the number of calories it takes for you to lose or gain one pound.

Due Date Calculator
Lists important dates during your pregnancy based on your last menstrual cycle.

Frame Size
Do you have a small, medium or large frame?

Ideal Weight Calculator
Uses a special formula to calculate your ideal weight.

Lean Body Mass
Estimates the lean, nonfat parts of your body and gives you a target lean body mass.

Lose One Pound
How much of a given activity must you do to lose one pound?

Ovulation Estimator
Use this to help determine your most fertile times.

Smoking Costs
If you smoke, find out how much your habit is costing you.

Target Heart Rate
Find out your target heart rate so you can maximize your workout.

Waist to Hip Ratio
Estimates risk of heart disease based on your body shape.


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