Cancer takes many forms. The Pennsylvania Medical Society periodically issues information about the latest progress made in cancer prevention and treatment including tips to help you detect cancer as early as possible.

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    Here are some ways patients can work toward reducing symptoms associated with cancer-related fatigue.
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    The dietary supplement industry is booming, but a Pittsburgh oncologist says there’s a better way to fight cancer.
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    Though there are reliable early screening methods that can prevent colon cancer from developing, about 2,500 Pennsylvanians die each year from the disease.
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    Eye exams are a key tool in detecting cancer and other health issues.
  • » Make Healthy Choices to Help Prevent Cancer
    Proper nutrition and regular exercise can help prevent cancer.
  • » Get Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings
    Through the state’s HealthyWoman program, you can get free breast and cervical cancers screenings if you are uninsured or underinsured.
  • » Make Sure to Get Checked for Cancer
    The bottom line is that when cancer is detected early, it’s more treatable and survival rates increase dramatically. But apparently many Pennsylvanians are still avoiding appropriate screenings.
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    Make sure to schedule an annual gynecologic exam—for peace of mind and for your good health.
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