Get Nutrition and Weight Management Services for Your Child

Are you worried about your child’s weight?

If your child has Medicaid, you can get help. Talk to your doctor about your worries. Your doctor will check your child at a regular visit, or you can set up a special visit just to talk about how to get help.

Your doctor can help set up a visit to get healthy food and weight control advice from a nurse or nutritionist. Medicaid will pay for these visits. A nutritionist is someone who knows about healthy foods, exercise, and weight.

The doctor’s visit will take about 30 minutes. Your doctor may:

  • Weigh your child.
  • Check your child’s blood pressure.
  • Measure how tall your child is.
  • Check your child’s body mass index, sometimes called BMI.

If your doctor thinks your child needs help, you and your child can go to a nurse or nutritionist to learn about healthy foods and exercise.