Related Links: Obesity

See the following websites and resources for more information on obesity-related issues (all links outside of the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s site open in a separate window):


For Kids

  •—The US Department of Agriculture offers customized eating guidelines based on the new food pyramid. An online game, free information and coloring sheets add fun to learning about nutrition.
  • Eating Tips and Games for Kids—The US Department of Agriculture offers a variety of educational games and materials that help children learn about their health.
  • BAM! (Body and Mind)—US Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share information, games and inspirational stories to teach kids about nutrition, physical activity and other ways to keep healthy.

For Parents

  • Family Fitness, Nutrition, and Obesity—To help Pennsylvania families stay healthy, the Pennsylvania Medical Society has collected articles, recipes and information to help your family make good choices.
  • All the Buzz about BMI—The Pennsylvania Department of Health provides details on the Body Mass Index (BMI) screening program and what it means for parents. The site offers convenient links to other websites that offer resources regarding obesity.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) for Kids—The US Department of Agriculture provides a free BMI calculator designed especially for children. You should discuss your findings the next time your visit your family doctor.